How To Make Your Videos Responsive In WordPress

it is 2017, having non-responsive content on your website will cost you your users. Most WordPress themes have this issue of not automatically scaling your embedded videos when viewed on mobile, even though other parts of the website scales. This makes your videos a bit useless to mobile users. A non-mobile friendly website is bad…

Basic WordPress Security Tutorial

WordPress is the most popular blogging and CMS system on the Internet which makes it a favorite target for hackers. Having a WordPress site means that you have to take some extra efforts in order to protect your and your visitors data. Here is a summary of the best practices for securing WordPress that will…

How to Move From Blogger blog to WordPress

How to Move From Blogger blog to WordPress Here are process/steps to import your Google blogger Blogspot blog posts and comments into your WordPress blog. 1. Login to your new WordPress blog admin panel, click on Tools > Import. 2. Select “Blogger” , their would be a popup, then click on “Install Now” . 3….