About us

Our Story

Our Story

What we are all about

Founded in 2015 by a dedicated team of enterprising technologists, W3tutor is a Tech
learning institute geared towards providing ease-of-access training and knowledge on all
kinds of digital skills like Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Graphics and lots of others.

Our unwavering passion stems from the rudiments of our mission, which is to see to it that
people all over Africa have at their disposal, all it takes to become Tech savvy. We envision
that via our platform, the African continent would evolve into a hub of ace digital

Our Values

Our Values

What we believe in

At w3tutor, we are enthusiastic about our objective to innovate the standard of Tech
learning in Africa. Our core values, therefore, are to be focused on impact, speedy in our
delivery approach, super reliable in our academic and technical support, and to build an
indelible social value.

We at W3tutor believe that learning and skill acquisition is tantamount to excellence. We
therefore work relentlessly to create a platform where people can learn and become their
dreams as they leverage our ultra-modern library of thousands of courses, offered by the
best selected tutors from across the world.